Supporting Women every step of the way

Our Women’s activities aim to provide support, empowerment, and a sense of community for women affected by cancer. Here are some of the activities that we undertake.

Support Groups: We create support groups completely for women with cancer that can provide a safe and nurturing environment for sharing their experiences, emotions, and practical advice. These groups foster a sense of belonging amongst these women and the understanding of facing similar challenges.

Educational Workshops: We Coordinate workshops that focus on topics appropriate to women with cancer, such as self-care, nutrition, and coping strategies, which can empower these women with the knowledge and tools to navigate their cancer journey.

Wellness Activities: We offer wellness activities like yoga, meditation, mindfulness sessions, beauty and self-care, and gentle exercise classes tailored to the needs of women with cancer to promote their physical and emotional well-being. These activities help them to reduce their stress, help them feel confident improve their resilience, and enhance their overall quality of life. Art and Expressive Therapies: Engaging women in art therapy, journaling, or expressive writing activities can provide a creative outlet for emotional expression, self-reflection, and healing. These activities empower women to explore their emotions and find solace and strength through artistic expression.

Networking Events: We Organize networking events, conferences, or panel discussions inviting women who have successfully overcome cancer, these events help them to inspire and motivate others. These events enable the women to share their stories, advice, and inspiration while promoting a supportive network of women affected by cancer.

It is fundamental to establish a supportive and inclusive environment that considers the diverse needs and various experiences of our women impacted by cancer. By providing them with these activities, they find strength, resources, and a good sense of community to navigate their cancer journey with resilience and great hope.