Helping children and young people every step of the way

We create activities for children and young people in cancer families as we know that it plays a vital role in providing support, normalcy, and a sense of belonging during challenging times. Here are some activities that we offer:

Support Groups: We Organize support groups particularly formed for children and young people affected by cancer that can provide a safe space for them to connect with peers facing similar experiences. These activities can boost their emotional expression, build resilience, and foster a sense of community.

Art and Creative Expression: Art therapy, music, writing, and other methods of creative expression serve as therapeutic outlets for children and young people. These activities help them to process their emotions, reduce their stress, and find joy and inspiration during difficulties.

Educational and Recreational Programs: these programs are tailored to the needs of children and young people and can offer a sense of normalcy and stimulation. These may include tutoring, workshops, movie screenings, or outings that boost socialization and fun.

Family Support Activities: We Facilitate activities that include the entire family, such as picnics, outings, or holiday celebrations, which can help strengthen the family bonds and create lasting memories. Our activities let families to enjoy quality time together and provide a break from their cancer challenges.

Therapy and Counseling: Providing access to age-appropriate counseling or therapy services can offer emotional support, coping strategies, and guidance for children and young people navigating the impact of cancer on their lives.

At Family Unit Trust we know that it is key to consider the individual needs, preferences, and developmental stages of children and young people when planning these activities. We engage them in a supportive and inclusive environment that helps their well-being, resilience, and ability to cope with the challenges related to cancer in the family.