Helping you get back out there

At FUT our Training and employability programs aim to support individuals affected by cancer in building skills, enhancing their employability, and reintegrating into the workforce. These programs include:

Skill Development: We provide training opportunities to develop new skills or enhance existing ones. This includes workshops, courses, or vocational training tailored to the needs and interests of cancer survivors or patients in remission and our volunteers.

Career Counseling: Individualized career counseling which helps individuals explore their interests, strengths, and career options. It provides guidance on job searching, resume writing, interview skills, and networking to enhance their chances of securing employment.

Flexible Work Arrangements: Recognizing the unique challenges faced by individuals affected by cancer, we advocate for flexible work arrangements, such as part-time work, remote work, or flexible hours, to accommodate ongoing treatment or recovery needs.

Supportive Job Placement: We are on the process of partnerships with employers who are committed to hiring individuals affected by cancer. They facilitate job placements and advocate for supportive work environments that accommodate the specific needs of cancer survivors.

Entrepreneurship and Self-Employment Support: We provide resources and guidance for those interested in starting their own businesses or pursuing self-employment opportunities. This includes business planning, mentorship, and access to relevant networks.

Peer Support and Mentoring: We often connect individuals who have successfully reintegrated into the workforce after cancer with those seeking employment, providing peer support, mentorship, and inspiration.

These training and employability programs empower our beneficiaries affected by cancer to rebuild their lives, regain their confidence, and get meaningful employment. By training them with these skills, knowledge, and support, we are contributing to their long-term well-being and successful reintegration into the workforce.